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I’m a Lakeland Florida Web Designer

My name is Joe Angrisano. I’ve been a fine artist, a graphic designer, an illustrator, a teacher, and even (very briefly) a comic strip artist, but my passion is web design. I founded DigiSquid in 1999 and it’s been my goal ever since to develop simple, elegant, easy to use websites.

I designed a logo that was featured on the NBC Series, The Office.

Lakeland Florida Web Design ServicesI designed the logo for the Northeast Pennsylvania Radio Station Froggy 101 that was featured regularly on the NBC TV series, The Office.

I also created a logo for the operating system, DragonFly BSD

Lakeland Florida Web DesignerI was lucky enough to be able to contribute the logo and main branding for the popular server operating system DragonFly BSD. This not only got me a mention on the DragonFly website but also landed me in Wikipedia too. How cool is that?

Oh, and I once created a comic strip that got mentioned in USA Today

Lakeland Web SitesA long time ago in a career far, far away I was a comic artist – of sorts. I briefly wrote and illustrated the comic strip FishTanked which was featured in USA Today, and the UK publications, Web User Magazine, The Register and The Guardian. The comic was also mentioned briefly on Yahoo in their entertainment section. I guess you could call it my fifteen seconds of fame.